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SNW-600 (16890) Standard Evaporative Cooling System

Airex Evaporative Cooling Systems-Operating Data-SNW - 600 (16890)
Airex Evaporative Cooling Systems-Operating Data-SNW - 600 (16890)
Airex Evaporative Cooling Systems
Airex Evaporative Cooling Systems

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SpecificationsStandard EquipmentOptional Motorized Drain Valve KitOptional Drain Valve Plus Freeze Protection Kit

SNW-600 (16890) Standard Evaporative Cooling System Specifications

C.F/M Range
Air washer section with transition.
All stainless steel casing.
Common base frame for mounting air washer and blower heater sections or return air and fan sections.
Foreign electric conversions.
Manual valve for constant bleed-off of sediment through drain.
Staged spray bank system for precise humidification control.
Evaporative Area
98 Sq.ft
Number of Spray Pump Motor
Spray Pump Motor Type
1/2 hp - 115 volts - 60Hz - 1 Phase
Sump Construction
14 Gauge Stainless Steel
Cabinet Construction
16 Gauge Galvanized
Evaporative Media
12 Inch deep Munters Celdak® Evaporative Media
Shipping Weight
1320 lbs.
Operating Weight
2840 lbs.
Spray Washer System
Copper Pipe with Machined Brass Non-Clogging Spray Nozzles

Standard Equipment

Air washer section with 12" Munters Celdek® evaporative media, epoxy coated submersible pump housing with stainless steel shaft and strainer screen, copper pipe water distribution system with machined brass non-clogging spray nozzles and a cast brass float fill valve.

A float switch is provided for pump protection to prevent pump operation if sump is dry.

14 gauge 304 2B stainless steel sump pump.

Optional Motorized Drain Valve Kit

Adds water conservation solenoid valve, motorized drain valve and adjustable 24 hour timer. Replaces constant bleed-off system to provide periodic sediment and hard water deposit removal.

Optional Drain Valve Plus Freeze Protection Kit

Adds motorized drain valve, adjustable 24 hour timer, outdoor freeze protection thermostat and indoor motorized 3-way fill valve. Replaces constant bleed-off system and maintains an empty sump during freezing weather preventing ice expansion damage to spray system and pump.

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